Yilang Feng (馮一郎) is a scholar of political economy and firm strategy, with a research focus on how firms’ overseas operations motivate their political actions in the US and China. His dissertation research is the winner of the Georgetown Best Paper in International Business and Policy award at the Academy of Management (AOM) 2019 Annual Meeting. His previous research papers have been published in Review of International Organizations and Political Science Research and Methods.   

Yilang currently works at Harvard University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the China and the World Program. He recently completed my Ph.D. in political science and dual masters in statistics from the University of Michigan. 

His book project entitled “Taking the Media High Ground: Overseas Operation and Policy Positioning on Chinese FTAs,” examines how firms participate in the making of China’s post-WTO trade policy and, in particular, how multinationals in China defend and advocate on behalf of the global trade regime.