December 14, 2019

China’s emergence as a scientific power this century is impressive. Recent reforms promise to raise the country’s profile in scientific research even further. Even so, China’s illiberal political system complicates the country’s quest for scientific leadership, particularly as efforts to increase CCP control have intensified in recent years.

Asian Survey, Vol. 59 No. 6, November/December 2019; (pp. 1022-1043) DOI: 10.1525/as.2019.59.6.1022


Publication Date  Published online December 10, 2019.

Published By  University of California Press Journals

Print ISSN 0004-4687

Online ISSN 1533-838X

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Andrew B. Kennedy is Associate Professor in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University in Canberra. He is the author of The Conflicted Superpower: America’s Collaboration with China and India in Global Innovation (Columbia University Press, 2018) and The International Ambitions of Mao and Nehru: National Efficacy Beliefs and the Making of Foreign Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2012). Email: < (>.